Get IOTA through mining Monero and PIVX staking pool

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  • PIVX staking pool
    * You are rewarded with shares: 1) For every confirmed withdraw of iota. 2) Winner jackpot prize. 3) Staking reward from pool.
    Read more about PIVX staking pool
  • Monero mining
  • *Reward is changing by actual exchanges rate XMR/BTC and IOTA/BTC until withdrawal
    **Your reward is in iota not in Miota. 1x Miota is 1 000 000 iota.
  • Web miner control




  • Profitability:   IOTA/s  

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Winner of  7937 iota 241681 PIVX pool shares  in 2018-09-25T00:31:52.477Z
from total unique active miners: 203
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